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local & veteran-owned 

At My Bath Guy, our mission is simple; to install high-quality products at a valued price while leaving a lasting 5-star impression. We accomplish this by sourcing bathroom products from reputable suppliers and by exclusively using experienced and licensed installers.



  • NO HIGH PRESSURE SALES! Free design with no obligation 

  • Maximum value for high-quality installations

  • Work completed within a reasonable time

  • Highly trained installers with service warranty

  • Professional and personable service

  • Competitive pricing with real tile for the cost of acrylic inserts!


Walk-in showers
starting at $9,987

Strong, Safe, and Beautiful

Composite Stone Shower Systems

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walk-in Showers







Dont Settle for Plastic inserts

Our bathroom remodels give your bathroom a fresh new look without sacraficing quality and beauty.

Whether you want a new sink, a glass shower door, or maybe a modern tub with an elegant tile floor, we make it work for you.....

Every bathroom we install is a complete tear out of the existing bathroom and replaced with composite stone or tile.... for the same price of the acrylic inserts on the market today​.

bring your vision to life

We take the stress and guesswork out of your bathroom remodeling project. Sit back, call the shots, and let us take care of everything from drawing out the design to sourcing materials and planning the big reveal. We save you time, money, and legwork and get the fine details dialed in.


Bring your vision to life with expert tradespeople and remodeling professionals who are knowledgeable and reliable. We are experienced, dedicated, and insured and offer faster-than-most project completion timelines while using better, improved, durable products from Onyx to bring your bathroom to your standards.

Why Remodel Your Bathroom

Create a cozy and functional bathroom

A bathroom remodel will unwind your bathroom space. Get more light in, and add modern accessories, new colors, and fixtures to create a space you can relax in. Enjoy satisfaction from an aesthetically pleasing and functional bathroom with improved accessories, more storage space, and in-style finishes.

Less clutter, better use

Remodeling your bathroom involves replacing the old, worn-out stuff you don’t need with smarter designs. Remodeling reduces the visual clutter and gives your space a functional appeal that provides more storage space and a practical design that maximizes the functionality of every inch of your bathroom.

Get rid of existing problems

When your bathroom has the telltale signs of wear-and-tear from leaky faucets, crusty accessories, stained tiles, or mold problems, bathroom remodeling from My Bath Guy will remove runaway water problems and any damage to give you a clean slate to implement your dream design with durable materials and luxury finishes.

increase home value

A bathroom remodeling project from My Bath Guy saves you money and adds unique accents and modern accessories that improve your bathrooms’ décor while adding the latest features that increase the resale value of your home. Installing new bathroom plumbing fixtures, upgrading your vanity sets, installing marble or granite countertops, a fresh coat of paint, new floors, and even energy-efficient upgrades skyrocket your home’s resale value. You get to enjoy your bath and make a significant investment.

modern design facelift

My Bath Guy bathroom remodel solutions breathe new design ideas into your bathroom. You get new custom tiles, modern accessories, upgraded and better-quality tubs and showers, stylish finishes, and functional design that boosts your space’s visual appeal while improving on areas like accessibility, functionality, safety, and convenience.

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