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Update Your Bathrooms Before Selling Your Home

Let's face it; bathrooms sell homes. Updated bathrooms are often the deciding point on whether or not a potential buyer chooses your property over another. In fact, a bathroom remodel will not only increase your chances of selling your home faster, but it can also increase its value by over $1.71 for every dollar you spend. In such a competitive market, it's essential you do everything possible to make your home stand apart from the rest, and investing in a bathroom refresh is an excellent option for a substantial ROI. If you're still on the fence about whether remodeling your bathroom is worth the investment, check out these top reasons why you need to update your bathrooms before selling your home.

Increase Visual Appeal

There's nothing worse than walking into a bathroom that is old and outdated. A dingy bathroom can make your entire home feel older, making it appear as if you haven't invested in its upkeep. Refreshing your bathrooms can add a light and airy feel to your home, attracting potential buyers and increasing the overall visual appeal of the property. You don't have to make extensive changes; sometimes, all you need is a good cleaning and a few updates to make a significant impact. Consider switching out the faucets and shower heads, painting the vanities and walls, or adding bright white linens. Not only will the bathroom feel larger, but it will convey a sense of pride and attention to detail buyers love.

Raise Your Home's Value

Bathroom updates have one of the highest ROIs of any home renovation, making them an excellent investment. Homeowners remodel around 14 million bathrooms every year, making them one of the most important rooms to focus your time and money on. Potential buyers love finding a home that doesn't involve any additional work and are willing to pay more for it! Don't lose money by giving buyers a potential project; proactively increase your home's value by updating your bathrooms.

Set Your Home Apart

Currently, there are over 910,000 homes for sale in the US, so ensuring yours stands out is essential for securing a sale. One of the most impactful parts of a home is the bathrooms, and if yours is the most beautiful, it will make your home stand out in potential buyers' minds. For example, if a buyer is looking at your home and a direct competitor with similar floor plans, square footage, and curb appeal but your home has updated bathrooms and theirs doesn't, which property do you think they will choose? Chances are your renovated bathrooms will be the deciding factor and ensure you get the sale! That's the power of a refreshed bathroom in today's market!

With so many homes for sale, making your home stand apart from the rest is essential to making the sale. A little money spent on renovating your bathrooms now can pay significant dividends in the near future. Investing in a bathroom update can attract potential buyers, increase ROI, and set your home in the best position for a quick sale!

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